Lindores Single Malt Scotch Whisky MCDXCIV (1494)

From the Spiritual Home of Scotch Whisky

A Place In History

The launch of Lindores Single Malt Scotch Whisky reconfirmed Lindores as a place of real significance in the History of The Scotch Whisky Industry.

Lindores Single Malt Scotch Whisly MCDXCIV (1494)

Lindores Single Malt Scotch Whisky MCDXCIV (1494)

As the officially recognised site of the first recorded distillation of Scotch Whisky in 1494, which appears in the Exchequer Roll of the same year, Lindores is again taking its place in history with its Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Over 500 years after Brother John Cor, a Lindores monk, was commissioned by King James IV to turn 8 bolls of malt into Aqua Vitae, Lindores are delighted to re-open the history book.

Patience and Passion

After 500 years our patience and passion has been rewarded.

Although Lindores Abbey has been in the McKenzie Smith family ownership for over 100 years it was 2001 when two unrelated incidents planted the germ of an idea in the mind of a young Drew McKenzie Smith.

After learning of the Abbey’s history in distillation for the first time from a website “Connoisseur Scotland”, Drew was also shown a book by his Father, written by the late Michael Jackson “Scotland and its whiskies”. In particular, the words written on p127, “For the whisky lover it is a pilgrimage”, leapt off the page!

20 years of commitment, planning, industry engagement and no small amount of encouragement only served to further drive Drew and his wife Helen’s passion for the re-creation of a distillery at Lindores.

2016 saw building on the new distillery commence and in 2017 the Visitor Centre opened and the first distillation took place. In 2021 the first scotch whisky went on sale.

Particular Process

Long wash fermentation period coupled with an unusual sister spirit stills set up produces a malt of remarkable character for its age.

The Sister Spirit Stills enhance and refine the wonderful flavours captured in the long fermentation period, through additional copper contact.

“A Single Malt which can mature early yet with great potential to age is our aim at Lindores” – Gary Haggart Distillery Manager

One of the longest wash fermentation periods in the Scotch Whisky Industry at 117 hours coupled with an unusual sister spirit stills set up helps achieve the Distillery Manager’s goal of producing a malt of remarkable character for its age.

The Sister Spirit Stills “Poppy” & “Gee”, named after Drew and Helens’ two daughters, help enhance and refine , through additional copper contact in the spirit distillation phase, the wonderful flavours captured in the long fermentation period.

The resultant, award winning, new make spirit is further enhanced by maturation in a selection of Bourbon Barrels, Wine Barriques and Sherry Butts.


Persona Perceived

Our tasting notes. Lindores Single Malt Scotch Whisky MCDXCIV (1494).

  • Colour: Golden
  • Nose: Elegant, soft, mellow vanilla, caramel notes playing with orchard fruits and sweet pear drops. Reminiscent of toffee apples!

  • Palate: Smooth with a creamy texture and a perfect balance of mellow vanilla, dried fruits, citrus touches with a hint of spice.
  • Finish: Medium length, delicate but lingering finish.


Lindores Whisky

Packaging & Presentation

  • PACKAGING: As part of our efforts to be more sustainable we made the decision to not use any additional packaging, or a box, to convey our ‘story’ so instead we’ve added a QR code on the label, so that people can learn more about what’s inside the their bottle, by scanning the QR code and reading more at our website.

  • PRESENTATION: We thought carefully about our bottle design. During our archaeological work when we were converting the abbey and farm into the distillery, we were delighted to unearth lots of carved stones that had been buried for hundreds of years. They show us the finely carved stone used in the ancient Monastery of Lindores, and we wanted to replicate that shape in our bottles.

Award Winning

"These awards means the world to us, we could not be more proud of our Team. For our first release and such a new distillery, this is a dream come true." - Drew McKenzie Smith

  • Our Lindores MCDXCIV Single Malt Scotch Whisky won DOUBLE GOLD at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022, under the much-coveted Single Malt Scotch Whisky category. The 'Double Gold' standard indicates that our entry received a Gold medal rating by all members of the judging panel; these are among the finest products in the world.

  • We are also delighted that our Lindores Abbey Scotch Whisky was deemed OUSTANDING Gold at the International Wine & Spirit Competition - IWSC in 2022! Here is what the judge’s had to say: "Sweet combining with sour: custard, cooking apples, greengages, white grapes and honey. Spiced, fruity and sweetly fragrant with cask notes and cinnamon. Well-rounded and complex."

  • Our whisky also won a Silver Medal in the World Whisky Awards 2023.