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Not another whisky bore…

Whisky doesn’t have to be boring you know.

Whisky needn’t be exclusive, reserved only for the golf playing, cigar toting, boastful bottle collectors. Nor must it be enjoyed solely in its purest form, without a drop of water, whilst seated on a stiff-backed leather chair by a roaring fire.

Lindores Abbey Distillery Whisky

Whisky doesn’t demand to be scrutinized and analysed to within an inch of its dear life. Obsessing over the smallest details, brows furrowed in a quest to unearth the tiniest little factoids that others might not know, gathering these snippets in an endless quest to become the ultimate whisky oracle.

It is not that there’s anything wrong with these activities, but they do form an inaccurate stereotype of ‘The Whisky Drinker’ and I do wonder, from time to time, if it all gets a little bit…serious (I can hold a mirror up to myself in that respect).

Whisky can be fun too.

I think back to smuggling a hip flask full of whisky into countless festivals, bouncing around and sharing that delicious intoxicating liquor. I recall late-night campfire drams on beach camping trips and cheeky house party malts in the very, very wee hours.


More recently still, I have met some incredible champions of mixed liquids, who take our beloved single malt and mix it in all manner of exciting and mind-bending ways. Not an ounce of stuffiness in sight, just good old fashioned fun.

Nikka whisky

What is really nice is to look at Lindores and right at the top, we have Drew & Helen. Two individuals with more than a little lust for life. Get to know them a little and you’ll find a cheeky rebellious streak bubbling below the surface – a mix of punk and petrolhead blended harmoniously together.

Drew and Helen McKenzie Smith

I hope our business maintains that lust for life, that we’re known not only for our incredibly high quality single malt Scotch whisky and Aqua Vitae products, but also for our fun-loving, playful side.

This isn’t an exclusive club. It’s open to everyone. Whisky doesn’t care who you are, it just wants to be shared and enjoyed.

So here’s to Whisky.

Sláinte, Tim

Palo Cortado Casks

EXCLUSIVE Sherry Cask Ownership offer at Lindores Abbey Distillery

We managed to source some traditional Palo Cortado Sherry Butts which have been maturing Palo Cortado Sherry in the traditional solera system for 20+ years. Palo Cortado is the rarest type and style of sherry to come out of Jerez. It is delicate and holds a well-balanced complexity of savoury and sweet flavours. We are also able to resize the butts (500 Litres) to Hogsheads (250 Litres). We have a very limited supply and only a few lucky buyers will be able to get a cask, so if you are interested – get in touch today! You can contact Elliot on casks@lindoresabbeydistillery.com or find out more at https://lindoresabbeydistillery.com/welcome-lindores-abbey-distillery/cask-ownership/

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