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Preservation Society

Our Mission

We want to see Lindores Abbey flourish again as a site for research, learning, brewing, distilling, horticulture, and even  beekeeping.   By reviving so many of the ancient crafts and traditions that were practised here centuries ago, we hope to see the site returned to its former glory.

Our Plans

We have built a Single Malt distillery in the grounds of the former Abbey, and will reinstate the heritage orchards and extensive gardens which were first introduced here by the Tironensian monks following their arrival in the 12th Century.

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New Traditions for a New Era

As well as restoring so many ancient practices, we are also hoping to start some traditions of our own.

The Bear Burning

On the hill overlooking our stillhouse, you will see a bear holding a ragged staff, burnt into the ground.

It is a depiction of the stone statue that was taken from the Abbot’s lodgings at the Abbey at the time of the Reformation.  This statue can now be found above the door of the Bear Tavern in Newburgh.

Each year we burn this outline into the ground to remind ourselves of the importance of our past and to toast the coming year’s distillate.

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