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Lindores Abbey Distillery was awarded a five-star accreditation by the national tourism organisation, VisitScotland in 2018 and is now featured on their Land of Whisky  interactive whisky distilleries guide.



land of WHISKY

The practice of distilling whisky has been lovingly perfected throughout Scotland for centuries and began as a way of turning rain-soaked barley into a drinkable spirit, using the fresh water from Scotland’s crystal-clear springs, streams and burns.

To this day, distilleries across the country continue the tradition of using pure spring water from the same sources that have been used for centuries.

From the source of the water and the shape of the still to the wood of the cask used to mature the spirit, there are many factors that make Scotch whisky so wonderfully different and varied from distillery to distillery.

Now home to the greatest concentration of distilleries in the world, Scotland is divided into five distinct whisky regions. These are Islay, Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Campbeltown.

No two distilleries are the same; each has its own proud heritage, unique setting and its own way of doing things that has evolved and been refined over time. Paying a visit to a distillery lets you discover more about the environment and the people who shape the taste of the Scotch whisky you enjoy. So, when you’re sitting back and relaxing with a dram of our most famous export at the end of your distillery tour, you’ll be appreciating the essence of Scotland as it swirls in your glass.


Lindores Abbey Distillery is located in the Lowland area. With miles of farmland and neat woodlands, the Lowlands is one of the most charming and accessible whisky regions in Scotland. Encompassing Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife, it reaches from the Highland/Lowland divide down to the Borders and Dumfries & Galloway, and west to Ayrshire and Arran.

The mild climate and flat land make it ideal for growing barley, and it is famous for light, unpeated whiskies – the ‘Lowland Ladies’ – known for their sweet, grassy notes and gentle style.

Barley Field Lindores Abbey

Although many of the historic distilleries here declined in the 18th and 19th centuries due to growing demand for blended whisky, which favoured robust single malts, a few long-established single-malt distilleries remain open. Several, including Lindores Abbey Distillery in 2017, have opened in recent years, and there are five high-volume grain distilleries, producing whiskies used in some of the most famous blends.

Lindores Abbey Distillery


Built directly on the site of the Lindores dairy farm steading Drew McKenzie Smith’s great grandfather bought in 1913, the Lindores Abbey Distillery and Visitor Centre has been crafted from original Abbey stone and opened in 2017. It features an illustrated history of the Tironensian monks who founded the Abbey. The records, artefacts and scriptures of their time at Lindores are displayed within the stunning new Cloister at the venue, which also serves as a unique event and private dining space which can seat 60 guests at its stately 52-foot oak table.


Distilling started at the Distillery in 2017 after a break of 523 years. Distilling was taking place on this site at least as early as 1494, although it was most probably happening long before that. We know this because of the earliest written reference to Scotch Whisky (or Aqua Vitae, as it was then known), which appears in the Exchequer Roll of the same year. It mentioned a Brother John Cor, a Lindores monk, who was commissioned by King James IV to turn 8 bolls of malt into Aqua Vitae.


You can take a Distillery Tour of the whole site, including a taste of our first release Aqua Vitae. Learn about the processes & history of whisky making at the Spiritual Home of Scotch Whisky, after a break of 523 years, on one of our Distillery or Apothecary Experiences.

Distillery Tours


Memberships of the Lindores Abbey Distillery Preservation Society start at £60 and include a bottle of our first bottling, Aqua Vitae.

Aqua Vitae


After a break of over 523 years, we began filling whisky casks in December 2017. In 2018 we started the year with 6,000 bulk litres to cask and this was all reserved within 1 month.

In 2019 we are delighted to now offer individuals or groups the chance to purchase a whisky cask from our second full year of production filled with Lindores spirit, so get in touch if you would like to find out more and reserve your 2019 cask.

Private Cask Owners will truly become a part of the history of Lindores Abbey, and the history of Scotch Whisky,  as together we watch the spirit mature into Single Malt Whisky. Ultimately, owners of Private Casks will have their own unique bottling of Lindores Abbey Distillery Single Malt Whisky, which can be personalised with your name, company logo, family crest etc.

Cask Ownership

For updates on life at Lindores Abbey Distillery, visit ourFacebook, Instagramand Twitter pages.


For further media information and images, please contact Poppy McKenzie Smith.

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